Port forward CCTV

Has anyone got this to work with the G2? I set it up but all my ports still seem blocked.
When I go to my dyndns host I see the G2 login but not my cctv stuff

You probably need to change the Webserver port you are using on the G2 or change the port forwarding/port you are connecting to.

By default the webserver on the G2 is 80 (I would bet, I don’t have one infront of me at the moment, but everything else Mimosa is that way so I doubt they would change that. Unless you are using https in which case the default port will be 443)

Thanks, looked like I had the wrong external port number.
I was following the camera documentation.
Working now.

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Thanks for taking care of this @William5. I had no computer time at Wispapalooza!