Port fowarding problems

I’m trying to get port forwarding working but it’s just giving me headaches. I’m using a Mimosa G2 connected to a C5. I have a few questions.

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    I’m attempting to port forward port TCP 32400. It does not work, my server is open listening for connections but it never seems to get past the router. Does this look correct? Is there anything else i should configure alongside that?

  2. Why are these ports blocked?

    443 is blocked from port forwarding but it seems like its being used to allow https operation to your GUI, would be nice if you could disable that specifcally and allow it to be port forward. Port 22 for ssh I’ve had someone scan from outside my network and it shows it as being open. But my understanding is that you have to forward it to a specific computer in your network in order for it to work, I can’t even make the server listen on port 443 since thats blocked, so is accessing my computer through SSH from outside my network just disabled? what is the reason for blocking it?

I’ve contacted my ISP and they confirmed that they do not block ports, running out of ideas and would appreciate any suggestions.

  1. Can you access your Plex server from inside your network on port 32400? If not, there could be a firewall or something blocking the port. (I have not heard of other people having issues with port forwarding on the G2 before, it’s a pretty simple system.)

I think the SSH may be a diagnostics deal for the G2, but I would recommend using a different port anyways. (Port 22 is commonly scanned across the internet and having any active service on there would not be a hot idea IMO.)

I have never worked with the G2, but you may be able to change the ports for the Web UI (80 and 443) to other ports which should free them up for your use. (I don’t think you can change the SSH on port 22 of the G2 in it’s settings…)

Thanks for the reply

I can access port 32400 locally perfectly fine from any device in my house. Yeah the system is easy to use, I’m just not quite sure why data doesn’t seem to get through on those ports. I use the site canyouseeme when I open them and it always shows as being closed like it’s being blocked from somewhere.

Ah that makes sense I was wondering what reason they would have for preventing users from using 22. As for the Web GUI it seems that it makes no difference whether or not you change the port it uses to something other than 443. You can’t use that port unfortunately to forward, which is a shame as a software im using called traefick requires it but im not too worried about that. Funnily enough lighting struck my C5 dish last night and sent current down the POE line to the G2 which completely destroyed it and my outlet.

Doesn’t seem like I’ll be getting a G2 in my possession anytime soon. Thanks for the help.

Damn dude, that sucks.

My next suggestion would have been to take your G2 and connect to it from the WAN port. If you had access to it’s config you would know what it’s IP settings were and you could have tested the Port Forwarding across it.

If you are looking for a new router, I like Mikrotik a lot. Dozens of levels of configuration and if you can set one up for your wants it’s nice to put on a resume. (if you like doing IT/Networking)

Good luck!

Hi, did you ever get Plex remote access working with port 32400? I’m having similar problems.

@Garry1 I think he gave up after having everything blown up. If you would like to create a new thread I would be more then happy to try to help.