Possible Bug in B5c

Hello guys.

This is the second time that i’m having this problem, and i want to share it to see if it’s a posible bug.

This happens with 2 B5c in a 45km Link. it’s happening with the 1.2 firmware versión that i will update today.

In a moment the RX in one side stops graphing (this time was the AP side, the other time was the Station side) and show a blank in the data, when this happens, packets of 1500 bytes in an OSPF network stops passing by and i have to reboot the links to fix the problem. Here are some pictures before the reboot.

Hi Luis, Yes there was a bug in firmware version 1.2.0 that could lead to this problem symptom. Please upgrade your radios to 1.2.2. Here is a link to the release notes so you can see the other changes: http://backhaul.help.mimosa.co/backhaul-firmware-release-notes

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