Power Lines in LOS: obstruction? Or dont worry?

So, we are planning a B24 Link, and wanted some feed back about our situation.

I have not tried the link yet, but a picture is worth a thousand words so to speak…

Basically I have a temp pole mount up with a flag - and my sight survey shows some power lines in between right in the LOS.

Has anone here done this with B24’s? If so did you have problems?

Link is pretty short: about 0.31 mi

I guess this is one of those where it is try it - see what happens.
But I thought I would ask the community and see if anyone has come across something like this before.

I may be able to get above some of the lines - but I am not sure as there are height restrictions in the city and the higher voltage lines seem to be up towards the top anyways.

Thanks in advance for any advise / experience anyone has had with a situation like this.

Almost all of my 24 GHz links have been perfect LOS. I definitely have not had power lines in my shots.

Though, I have had issues with power lines in 5 GHz shots, seemingly perfect shots unable to get any kind of signal from the AP. No idea what was going on, they were the mega huge ones that go in-between states. Personally I think my installer was crazy, but I dunno, it happened 2 times at locations nearby each other and other customers nearby connected just fine. So I have some reason to be wary of power lines.

Yea I worry that the power lines may emit noise near the 24ghz band / raise the noise floor (I would assume they emit all over the spectrum - but I dont know) - at the very least I am worried about those lines in the fresnel zone for 24 Ghz

I did find a freanel zone calculator that indicates the zone is 4.09486405 feet at my 0.31 mile distance : (www.everythingrf.com/rf-calculators/fresnel-zone-calculator)

So, maybe I can get lucky, but if anyone has done shots through lines like that on 24 Ghz - I hope to hear how you did / any advise you can provide.

I will make sure to follow up here and provide what my experience was - for others.


Happy to report that power lines do not seem to make that much interference - pretty much we have been able to get full speeds through them.

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