Powering mimisa c5c

Can I power C5C mimosa without its power supply and power it with patch panel 48v or with mikrotik gigabit poe and dilever it with 48 v or 56 or what ever it need ?

The C5c only takes passive PoE, so whatever you want to use it needs to be that.

I think most of the Mikrotik Switches are PoE af, so that wouldn’t work. But if you are trying to use a Mikrotik Passive PoE adapter it should be fine.



ican’t run it with its power supply
i have 12 v and 24 and 48 v ready But I’m afraid of tying it on mikrotik gigabit poe Of it crashes
is there Is there another solution?

There are plenty of Passive PoE solutions out there. You just have to make sure what you’re purchasing or using is Passive and not Active (802.3at or 802.3af). If you use an Active PoE source on the C5c or C5x, you will possibly damage the radio. It at least will never power up.

Here is an example of one that will work: https://www.balticnetworks.com/mikrotik-low-cost-gigabit-passive-poe-injector.html


it works with gigabit speed

itake the risk it works now with gigabit speed (mikrotik gigabit poe)

Im using RB960PGS for powering Mimosas. It work perfect with 24V.

ali20, is working yet with mikrotik poe? Did any problem occur ?