Problem access c5c

I have a problem with the c5c I can not access it and I can not access it through the cable at work.
I can access it only in case of extinguishing it and when I return to work I can enter via the cable only Is there a new number of the device or there is error in my preparation?

It could be several things, but it sounds like you have a DHCP server involved. When you reboot the radio, it loses the DHCP address and goes back to the default IP.

Ya, this happens to me all the time.

Break the alignment of the radio, make it so it can’t connect then unplug the radio from any networking equipment and connect it to your computer.

After it is done rebooting you should be able to access it. Go to: “Management” >> “Management IP” >> “IP Mode” >> From the Drop Down Menu select “Static”.

That should keep it from changing IPs on you. But remember, if you have 2 radios on the same link with the same IP or if the radios IP is not in the correct subnet then you will run into a lot of issues.

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