Problem c5c the link is disconnected

good morning.

I have a problem with some c5c, I have 2 c5c links at 30 km, the 2 have cable cat6, their original poe of 54v and are landed.

since a few days ago one of the links lost power to the point of disconnecting, yesterday I put another new c5c and re-linked, the one that loses power is the cpe.

Did you replace the original power supply when you replaced the C5c?

What caused the other one to loose power?

Will the original C5c boot off of another power supply?

You might want to check the cable as well to see if there are any breaks, one time I had a customer weed wack his cable and then called us with weird intermittent issues. I eventually gave up trying to diagnose it remotely and only found the issue because I dropped a tool off of the roof. Two days of diagnostics and three hours of replacing and trying out various antennas on a roof taught me a very valuable lesson. To quote my cousin who does networking for the Air Force “always check Layer 1 first.”

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good afternoon, I have a problem with a ptp link I have a couple of mimosa c5c and do not transmit data on the page of mimosa section of management tab I marked the radios in critical mode, was working well for about half a year and soon this, I already reset the key and the radio reconfigured them but it remains the same. I hope you can help me

@alejandro12, you will probably want to start your own topic about your issue, but my questions for trying to help will pretty much be the same.

Is the link actually going down (as in not passing traffic?)

If so, have you checked the power supplies? Logs? Cables?

If the Link is not actually going down just the connection to Mimosa Cloud: What have you checked in your network? Do you have a firewall? Have you checked the link when the cloud connection is down and seen if you can ping out to the internet?

As I said in my first post though: Always check Layer 1 (Physical) first. (From the OSI 7 Layer Model, normally a good idea to work your way up each layer when checking to see if there is an issue.)

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