Problem in new firmware 2.8.0 on B5C

I have a problem in the new version from the firmware on B5C, link work normally but didn’t show all details as shown in picture

you followed the instructions first update the far side.

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yes, the master linked with slave and traffic normally but the details didn’t show as shown on pic

Try clear browser cache. I’ve noticed some new features wont show until it’s cleared after firmware update.

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Clearing your web browser’s cache is a common resolution for these issues. You can also try using Google Chrome and/or using In Private Browsing mode to see if that clears things up.

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I tried and didn’t solve the problem

I tried and didn’t solve the problem …
I tried in other browser same problem :frowning:

How are you connecting to the radio? Any firewalls or the like between you and the radio?

If you are really desperate, you could try rebooting the radio and see if that clears the problem up.

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connect to the radio by OVPN program, I haven’t any idea for firewall in VPN because the internet service is provided to me from the company for isp
the old version work normally without any problems on same VPN

I tried rebooting the radio didn’t solved the problem

Could be something got goofed up during the update, I would pull a support file at this point for reference.

From there, I have two recommendations.
1: Contact Mimosa support and give them the support file. They may have some knowledge that I don’t.

2: Downgrade your radio to a previous firmware that did work. Check to see if the UI starts working again. Then try to do the upgrade again with a fresh firmware file from Mimosa.

I personally would try option 2 before 1, but that’s just me. Option 1 may lead to option 2 though which is why I would try the downgrade/upgrade first.

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Ok, Thanks I will try to do

best regards.

Luego de instalsr la versión 2.8.0 comenzamos a tener problemas de la a 100mb. Antes no sucedía.
A alguien le ha sucedido lo mismo?

@Diego_Maynet hay post en todo el foro hablando del tema de las LAN en 100Mb, por ejemplo:

Que tal
es un problema total todos mis enlaces dejaron de estar estables solo me funciono bien el firmware en los C5C bien pero en los B5C ninguno me funciono
tengo enlaces desde 5 kms hasta 120 kms y mal en todos
espero te sirva la info

@MARIO6 Hay nuevos parches beta que solucionan varios inconvenientes, ponte en contacto son soporte técnico para que te los habiliten.

Mí nombre es Meynet, no es tan difícil de escribir.
PD. Sigo con problemas de lan a 100mb en forma aleatoria con la versión 2.8.0.
La verdad es bastante grave para un enlace que maneja 800mb en horario pico.

Hay un nuevo firmware estable disponible, v2.8.0.1, aparte:

Selecciona el modo maestro / esclavo para la interfaz Ethernet: Auto, Manual Slave, Manual Master, Preferred Slave, Preferred Master. La opción de esclavo manual mejora la interoperabilidad con algunos enrutadores y conmutadores. En mi caso, el Manual Master resolvió mi problema de “100Mbps”.