Problem snmp C5c in Ptp configuration

I have problems with my mimosa C5c in Ptp configuration, every time I enable the snmp I lose the device on the cloud and it is not reachable, I am forced to physically restart the Poe. The problem is very serious, I can not monitor the state of the apparatus. Does anyone have the same problem? Have you solved in any way? Thank you.

Hi @Tommaso,

Please come visit with our Support Team when you can. We’d be more than happy to take a look and see what might be happening.

Thanks for the quick reply @Dustins, I will do as you advised me, but do you find this as a known problem on mimosa C5c in Ptp configuration?

I don’t believe this is a known issue, which is why I wanted you to visit with support as soon as you could.

The same problem reported in Jan/2018.

Disable snmp, downgrade firm to 2.3.3-PTP, then upgrade to, and enable snmp. Since then, it has not failed again.

Maybe upgraded to 2.4.1-PTP (without .1) in the middle of process, and then upgraded to… Don’t remember the entire process…

Thanks @Alejandro1 , I will try this way too. If you can remember all the steps, I would be grateful. :slight_smile:

any one help me about c5c

This topic is super old, like me. @M_Umer, please post a new topic describing your issues and we would be more then happy to lend a hand.

I am closing this topic.