Problem with B5c signal

Hey guys morning, we have a 84km link with b5c radios and rocket dish 34dbi, first we align the link with netmetal becouse mimosa radios don’t link, the signal in netmetal show -52dBm in both channels. Now we switch to Mimosa radios and this is the result, the difference in signal is really big!!image

we need help, thanks!

Could be several things.

I would double check the cabling and make sure that there isn’t anything goofy there.

If the antennas didn’t move at all during the radio swap, then I would start swapping radios and see if you might just have a bum radio. Not unheard of TBH, I had a Ubquiti radio a month back that was DOA.

If you find that you have a bad radio I would get ahold of Mimosa support and they will want to do some tests and then probably do an RMA.

Hey, you
To set the mimosa signal well
Ubquiti parts such as airfiber 4x or 5x or any other high-powered device must be used
After setting the signal well on Ubquiti, switch to mimosa

Hey guys we solved the problem we have a bad radio, get a new and this is the result for 84km link image


Looks like you are also using a different channel then the top photo? Perhaps maybe that was the issue? What’s the signal when you switch to the same channel as the top picture you posted?

I notice the channel width is different as well. 20mhz vs 80mhz.

Aligning using 20mhz however makes sense for such a long link.

That’s a tremendous link across that distance. I am wondering how this is possible unless the actual TX power for this setup is different than where I am (USA). I don’t get links like that on 25% of that distance.

@David11 – Would you share your power levels used in this link? Call it just curiosity… That is an amazing link. From the first channel you show I’m sure you’re not in my country as my lower frequency is much higher than what you shared.

Glad you got it resolved!

Look @Bryan3

this is the final result at 84km with 34dBi dish