problem with equipment C5x stopped working after a firmware change

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I have a C5x device that has been working in station mode without problems with the ver firmware. update it to version 2.10.0 March 30, 2022 12:39 AM m. (UTC) Mimosa-C5-2.10.0.img.signed Latest version of GA. For use with A5x and C series PTMP / after restarting the equipment I lost all kinds of management and operation of the equipment, I pressed the reset button but it still doesn’t work / it takes my IP address I can’t enter. is there any way to go back to version

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The Access Point end needs to be updated also for it to work. You should be able to downgrade, but it may need to be done from the Ethernet side since you can’t talk to the unit from the radio side. Just download the firmware file to your computer and upload it to the C5x.

This is the reason Mimosa says to update the far end first. If you lose the connection due to different firmware versions between the station and access point, if the far side is updated, all you have to do is update the near side and they’ll start communicating again.

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Good morning, either on the ethernet side I do not have access, I try to do it with the IP that I had configured and I also try with the factory IP ( and I cannot access either. It also lets me find out what ip it might have with the arp -a command and it also doesn’t show me a connected host. I also tried to reset the device with the reset button.

If you press & hold the reset button to reset the device back to factory, you can then access it via the factory IP address or the address that the DHCP server on that Ethernet segment has given it. Realize that if it’s the factory IP address and that is not a valid address in your setup for that LAN segment then you won’t be able to route to it. A switch will pass you through since you ARP the IP then use the MAC address to actually access the device. So, the switch doesn’t care what its IP address is. So, your computer will need to be in the same VLAN as the C5x. If you are running a Trunk line to the C5x, you may need to change the switch port to an Access port (1 VLAN) long enough to reset up the C5x so that it and your computer are on the same VLAN. Once you’re done, then change the switch port back to a Trunk port. Alternatively, you should also be able to reach the C5x on the Native (untagged) VLAN and leave the switch port as a Trunk.

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