Problems Associating ePMP to A5

I have a test access point running with 3 Mimosa clients attached. Every time I try to connect an ePMP, the AP locks up (stays locked up until I turn off the ePMP) and reboots. I am at a loss…

My setup.

  1. Mimosa radio, software release, utilizing radius authentication for security. I do not want to use WPA2 because if a customer does not pay, I want to be able to disable the radius user and kick the radio.
  2. ePMP force 180 running 3.2 software (I have tried it with many software releases).

Is this a supported setup, or do I have to switch to WPA2? I would use Mimosa C5 clients but they do not provide enough troubleshooting stats (ie Ethernet stats and error counters).


In my experience, ePMP doesn’t do wifi mode the same way other vendors do. UBNT, MT, etc mask the mac addresses of devices behind the client radio. Sort of a layer 2 NAT. ePMP, however, always passes the macs through cleanly. To get ePMP to work with a UBNT AP, the UBNT AP must be running WDS. I’m not familiar with the A5, so I couldn’t tell you if WDS is an option, but if it is, I would suggest trying it.

I believe the version of firmware your using had issues with regular wifi. Upgrade the firmware on your epmp force to at least 2.6, or 3.0 that’s what I had work fine. Then log into the CPE and click on Configuration, then radio.
Make sure “Standard Wifi” is selected. Here was the fun part when I did this… Make SURE you leave your TDD tower in the list of “preferred AP’s” in if you have one so you can fall back, but you need to add the Mimosa tower into the preferred AP’s BEFORE you turn off TDD, after adding it to the preferred AP’s click the standard Wifi, save and reboot. 3.0 had a wird issue where it wouldn’t save the WAP password, but going back in and resetting it connected it just fine.

Also if your mixing Mimosa with Cambium CPE’s call support, there is a bug that will make your AP perpetually reboot.

I had 60 Force 180’s and 200’s connected at once, went back to Cambium AP’s though

I have 2 ePMP sectors on RF horns that I am debating moving over to the A5c. About 60 ePMP clients. Might I ask why you went back to the ePMP APs?

ePMP may be behind on the new faster chipsets, but it just works.