Problems with autoneg

Whe have problems with 6pairs of b5lite with the same problem, a member of mimosa says me that the lowcost switch of mikrotik… Give me problems… Good. I can accept that. I buyed cisco as he said me, and also fails.
I think you. Musy repair that.
We have a lot of cpes of diferents producers and works with all.

I have changed all and the problem appear and reproduce, also wire cat7 and shielded connectors

Will give a solution? Or innother wise i dont buy anymore?

Also appear in a b11 , lesss but appear that peoblems

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I’m having a problem with 1.4.6 on B5Ls going to 100 meg devices. Ethernet reliability has regressed from 1.4.4.

Hello, my problem appear in 1.4.4/1.4.5 i the 1.4.6 the changelog. Dont says that repair anything about eth…
The guys of mimosa dont answer …

It Is simply incredible.

All Mimosa products soffer of same Ethernet Problem (Flapping, Speed Flapping, Dead Ethernet/Alive Ethernet).

Other vendors had put every effort to correct that problem, here instead it seems the problem should correct by the users changing switch, changing cable, shielded, not shielded, Flow Control, etc.

It is REALLY incredible.

I will not buy no more product , until that problem will be corrected of course

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Yes. I also. But for me. I loos money in a new b5c.
I dont do anything different in other vendors like ubiquiti and mikrotik. And i dont have problema with it.
Please ear us and solve it

We have the same issue with some B5L radios. In 1 case, port is locking up and needs reboot almost daily. It’s connected to 100M port on Cisco switch. Has anyone found a workaround such as locking port to 100M or regress to older firmware? May just have to swap radios out for something else.

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On other posts on forum you will find some hits like change Flow Control on/off under Management page, or check shielded cable both side with properly grounding, and force ethernet port to Master or Slave into Management page.

Many times you will need to change those settings to be lucky to have stable connection.

I can see daily disconnection on ethernet side, moving from 100M to 1000M many times during days, and I have done all changing without lucky.

I have not see all those problems in a vendor and no voice from them to resolve issue. It’s incredible.

On ethernet side, the problem is simple: Mimosa need to change entire ethernet electronic and software parts of their products. All products are involved in those problems.

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And no answers… today i remove a pair of b5lite , installing in the same link a pair of powerbridge Ac (ubiquiti) same wire, and working perfect from 10h before.
how can i take back my money payed for b5l? there is any method to require it to mimosa?

Guys I have the same issue with b5 lite connected to edgerouter. It only works st 100mbps but not 1000mbps. Mimosa tecnhnician blam d edgerouter vut I have tried with other switches and same issue. Please note I am using otiginal b5 lote poe. Edgerouter just acting as switch

And what happend if behind the b5l as backhauld there are 50-80 clients??
We receive request from him asking for a bad service with a lot of stops.

No, you need to open an RMA case to your local distributor

Jose, if I can help you, I have had many problem with B5c, and none with B5-Lite.

It seems to be a lucky matter.

Before summer I spoke with John Speakman, he told me Mimosa has been changing the ethernet side on next line of products. In the meantime, they prefer to manage defecctive unit through the RMA to distributor case by case.

For myself, I’m terrified of this way of working. So before to buy some other Mimosa gears, I will prefer to wait, search and be active on forum, then decide to buy or not.

I would like to envolve @Kent to know if he have had such ethernet problem, and how he has resolved, because he had installed a lot of AP, PtP Mimosa stuffs.

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Someone hints to use this one to resolve isse that mainly seems to be cable related:

Hello Massimiliano, thank you for your help,
I have an A5c that gives me no problems, the same cable, connectors, nothing special
and we have:
1ptp b5c that give me problems randomly, 10days good, and 1 day bad, I have changed everything, wire cat7 and connectos.
And 3 ptp b5-lite, all also with cat6 wire, one of this removed the last day to replace with a pair of pbe-500 iso,
Read your recommendation to see if I can avoid changing them,
Thank you

I’ve had ether issues with B5c and B5. The solution was to use a Netonix switch to power the B5’s. Rates went to 1000 megs and have no problem since. Not sure why Netonix works better than Mimosa POE, but it does.

Hope this helps.


How long is your longest ethernet cable?
I have no ethernet problems on a unit with 100’ cable, but massive problems on another unit with 300’ cable.
Have tested different switches, but not any POE switches. Also tried different POE bricks without success.

Same problem here!! It is unacceptable!

Hello George,

I’ve buyed same switch Netonix 6 Mini. It just incredible I need to spent other 150 euro to buy a PoE switch instead to use the original Poe brick. Ok no problem, I have buyed it and installed.

When I installed the link, the slave radio continously passed from down to up on ethernet link as you can see from image below:


Then after different days to trying solutions, I have found solutions: turn off Flow Control and setting Ethernet Speed to 1000Base-T/Full then Autoneg Mode Manual Master, as shown below.

During this month anyway some days the port was goes to down and up without any change, no electric down, nothing. Anyway in this way I have forced the speed to 1 Gbps.

Instead on other link, always with Netonix 6 MINI, I have big problem, no solutions for now, neither with those settings. It’s incredible to fight with a problem too simple like negotiation.

Finally I have discovered that in case of noise floor near to -84, -80, -79, the link is terribly affected in throughput. My conclusion is that Mimosa is a potential great product, but immature to professional use. Probably who have clean spectrum, is really lucky to use it and obtain great speed. Otherwise, the product behaviour is worst than Mikrotik, Ubiquity or Cambium ePMP.

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Hello Massimiliano,
I can confirm that turning off Flow Control and setting Ethernet Speed to 1000Base-T/Full with Autoneg Mode Manual Master, no more ether flapping occurs. The settings on Mikrotik are AutoNeg ON. My only doubt is on the effective speed (throughput) on the ethernet port.
Many thanks.

Hello Mario,

surely you can test effective speed on ethernet port by using iPerf Linux tools: