Problems with C5x connection to AP A5C

I have something strange going on. I have an A5C and the older legacy C5 radios will connect and work fine but when I try to connect a C5x It appears to be connected but stays in a DISCONNECTED state. It almost looks as if the encryption password is wrong but I have checked and triple checked it. I scan for the SSID of the AP and it finds it and I choose it. In the dashboard it shows the correct SSID and frequency as its connected but it will not come out of a DISCONNECTED state. The C5 does not do this and works fine. I must be missing something…

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks you.

I would suspect an issue with firmware mismatching. Check which firmware you have on the A5c and the C5x radio and change the C5x to match. (Note, there are some of the really old firmwares for the A5c which might not support the C5x, you may need to update the A5c in that case.)

You can get access to the firmware for your devices by logging into your Mimosa Cloud account and looking in the management >> updates tab.

Tommy3, Your suspicion was correct. I loaded the firmware which is the same the AP has and that done the trick. I was originally using the C5X as a PTP and it had firmware 2.9.0 on it. Working now. Thanks.


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