Problems with link B5C

Hello All,

i am trying to create a link between 2 mimosa B5C radios with txtpro 34dbi dishes, i does not connect, been working on this link and trying different things a couple of days now but no success, i have tried it on auto all, and manual but success, help!!

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First set them both on one channel 20Mhz wide. Both ends the same and do a scan before to see if that channel is free. Then do a aligning on both ends to get the best signal. But the radio’s can take up to a minute to connect, longer even after a powerboot. So patience is needed too.

If everything is on auto it might take too long for both radios to get connected, and if the units are not aligned properly yet you just won’t get a connection.

Another trick to play under difficult long distance high gain (=narrow beam) antennas is first to use two simple radio’s (ubnt, mikrotik any other). First with two log rubber duck antennas on both conectors make sure you have a working link on your worktable in the lab.
Then connect these radios on the two dishes in the field and start aligning until you get the best signal.

Only after that is done replace them with the Mimosas. Would be rare if they’d still don’t connect.

Not sure that txtpro 34dbi dishes are, but assuming that both side are wired and aimed correctly, I would double check the encryption key on both sides. Maybe look for beginning and ending spaces.

I have a very successful long distance link (25M+) using B5c with ubnt 34dbi dishes.

I successfully done a 18 Km PTP link with 2 B5c and 2 Mikrotik mANT-30PA dish with good signal.

I can transport about 390 Mbps TX / 390 Mbps RX on 1x80 Spacing channel on a really, really crowded spectrum


@Massimiliano where do you live that you could access to 6005Mhz channel?