Problems with mimosa b5c not detecting vertical polarizations

it does not detect the vertical polarization of the radio, try to change the pigtails cable, for another, but keep doing the same, update the firmware, the result is the same, try another antenna but the result is the same. at the other end of the link with the same radius b5c, if the connections of both vertical and horizontal appear. the link is at 53km.

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Firmware versión?

cable and chips? distance? your interface is in 100Mb


Could you post a picture of the MIMO Status area from before and after you changed the cables around?

If the dead RX followed the cables then it’s possible your antenna or Transmitter on the far side is bad, if on the other hand Chains 2 and 4 stayed bad then it’s probably the radio and you should contact Mimosa Support.

firmware version 2.8.0, change less than 6 meters, I have it set to 100 because it is too automatically disconnected in the rj45 base 1000 connection.

only change the pigtail cable the one that was connected in h pool connect in v pool, but the result is the same. appears offline. The photo that I send is the antenna that does not appear the connection v pool, in the antenna of point b if the 4 chains appear, I send you the photos of both radios. antenna a

antenna b

Well it could be an issue with the radio, but with how weak of signals you have I would double check your alignment just to make sure there isn’t an issue there.

Otherwise you probably will have to talk to Mimosa support about a solution.


Tengo exactamente el mismo problema ,le dieron alguna solución? Ya realicé las mismas pruebas y son los mismos resultados

In the Philippines, have some success in detecting again the stream information by fixing the speed from AUTO to 1000BT or 100BT (depends on the situation on your expected link speed). Can you try it in your setup? Your switch/router will stay in AUTO SPEED/AUTO NEG.