Problems with the A5c and the C5

Hi all.
I still can not draw many conclusions about mimosa antennas. Although I am very skeptical about their performance …
I have mounted an A5c with N360. Where are 10 C5 connected?
The performance so far is excessively poor, in each C5 the descent gives me less value than the rise … The C5, is very close to the A5c, and it is impossible to lower 7dm … We do not know where to throw …
I miss the mikrotik … Someone can lend me a hand?


What do you mean by “Where are 10 C5 Connected?”

I have 10 clients on an N5-360, it seems to be working quite well.

By “C5 descent” do you mean the Download?

“impossible to lower 7 dm” do you mean “can’t get better then 7 dBm signal”? In which case you really shouldn’t, the lower end of signal strengths you should be looking for is -40 dBm. But if that is not what you mean, well…

Could you post a screen shot of you A5c >> Clients >> PHY Stats Page?

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Perdon… No se ingles… Solo Español

Ah, lo siento, mi espanol es muy malo. @DustinS tiene bueno espanol.

You might want to check this page out

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@William5 I’m flattered you think I speak good Spanish, but it’s only as good as Google Translate! I also found a much better site for translations here:


I would love to see your Channel and Power page. Would you post that, or would you share with me your serial number so I can take a look at this?

Me encantaría ver tu canal y la página de energía. ¿Publicaría eso, o compartiría conmigo su número de serie para que pueda echar un vistazo a esto?

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El numero de Serie: 2118623198

Google Translate Spanish is much better then my 3 months in Mexico Spanish then. I do better speaking it, reading/listening is my best. Writing I get all mixed up in tenses and trying to get correct squiggly lines.

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I read it better than anything else :frowning: Wish I knew it fluently.

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Thanks for the serial.

De nada

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I see a couple of things that stand out that should probably change.

  1. You need to shift your frequency over 5MHz to 5705
  2. Once you change your frequency, you need to change your Primary Channel. On the Channel and Power page, you should see a drop down menu for Primary Channel. You should select the second option, since that is your cleaner part of the 40MHz you’re using.
  3. Something happened this morning at 8:25am local time. All of your clients PHY rates dropped very low and then came back up. Once they came back up, they aren’t nearly as good as before. Do you know what happened?

  4. Are you running Auto Transmit Power, located on the Channel and Power page? I would recommend switching that to Manual.

Please feel free to also visit with Mimosa support. They are available starting at 11pm PST tonight, which is probably around 6 or 7am your time.

Veo un par de cosas que se destacan que probablemente debería cambiar.

  1. usted necesita cambiar su frecuencia sobre 5MHz a 5705
  2. Una vez que cambie la frecuencia, debe cambiar el canal principal. En la página canal y alimentación, debería ver un menú desplegable para el canal principal. Usted debe seleccionar la segunda opción, ya que es la parte más limpia de la 40MHz que está utilizando.
  3. algo sucedió esta mañana a las 8:25am hora local. Todas las tarifas PHY de sus clientes cayeron muy bajas y luego regresó. Una vez que han vuelto, no son tan buenos como antes. ¿Sabes lo que pasó?
  4. ¿está ejecutando la alimentación de transmisión automática, que se encuentra en la página canal y alimentación? Recomiendo cambiar eso a manual.

por favor, siéntase libre de visitar también con soporte de Mimosa. Están disponibles a partir de las 11pm PST esta noche, que es probablemente alrededor de las 6 o 7am su tiempo.

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We have made the changes that you have advised us, and it was quite good.
But I would like to know if there has been a case that I am going to comment on.

After making all the changes, which involved cutting all customers, we found a CPE (C5), which connect 25 customers, who could not with the server mikrotik in PPPoe, or even turning off and on their routers. We had to reset it so I could connect in PPPoe …
We have never had this problem, only when the mimosas have been mounted.
Thank you