Procedure to replace defective B5 unit

I have a defective B5 with only three working streams. Mimosa is sending a replacement.

What is the correct procedure to replace this unit?
1 = Unlock unit.
2 = Save config from old unit and apply to new unit.

Is there anything else needed?


Hi Mats,

Yes, that will work. To ensure that there are no version differences in the configuration file, I would suggest saving the file after both radios are upgraded to firmware version 1.4.1.

I also have a B5 Unit with 3 working streams . I hope i don’t need to replace this unit as it will be the second one I have replaced and I only have 4 radios …50% failure rate is not so good

Hi David,

I didn’t correct this in my first reply, but chains and streams are not the same thing. If you have a chain that has failed, then it is likely a hardware problem. If you have a stream that is inactive, that is an indication that rate adaptation is doing its job.

Single channel mode usually uses 2 streams, but may drop to one stream if RF conditions are poor. Dual channel mode uses up to 4 streams. You may also see the number of streams change periodically because of tests that Rate Adaptation performs to optimize performance. This is normal, and not a failure.