Process for utilizing 6GHz channels

Hello Mimosa, Is there any specific info you or members in the forum can provide to help us eager customers utilize these 6ghz bands? The other brand that starts with a C has detailed instructions but implies we have to get approval from the FCC to TEST these frequencies. The other brand that ends with Tik has seemingly wild west version of 6GHz radios we have used recently but will pull about 150mbps which isn’t impressive. Your 6 line seems a lot more impressive as far as pumping data, but Im glad I looked in these forums before I ordered… Ive also seen sales material that says c5x can utilize these bands. We have several deployed and the LOCKED symbol definitely hasn’t changed… Also the AFC is this new program that will supposedly do what DFS didn’t, and this makes me wonder if we will have to become certified installers and do a course similar to CBRS in order to use 6GHz outdoors. Any info we can get from Mimosa will really help us to understand what actually needs to be done to utilize this much needed spectrum. Thank you

Hi Tom,

Because the AFC has not been finalized yet, the FCC is granting experimental FCC licenses to people who apply for them here: OET Experimental Licensing System Electronic Filing Site

Once you have a license, you can contact Mimosa Support and they can provide you with the firmware for our legacy products or unlock keys for the A6/C6x which will allow you to utilize those bands. We do not allow “wild west” usage with our products as we don’t want to be responsible for the FCC backtracking on the use of 6GHz (or any other spectrum).


Just an FYI. One of the first lines on that page states:
Please update your browser bookmarks for the Experimental Licensing System (ELS) to our new location: OET Experimental Licensing System Electronic Filing Site at your earliest convenience.