Programmatically reboot C5?

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Odd question here: we are running a BRAS deployment for handing out public IPs at this time via DHCP Option 82 usernames - we are primarily a Cambium shop, but have started deploying sectorized A5c AP’s since they became available as well. We have an API call to purge the session and reboot equipment from our CSR dashboard at will as a nifty tool that empowers our call center guys to execute lease refreshes without requiring them to log into anything spooky, and that’s been working great so far.

However, we just started deploying BRAS to Mimosa equipment, but it doesn’t appear that you have any SNMP commands to reboot the C5 radios - any advice on how to programmatically reboot a C5 without the mess associated with screen scraping?



I have not heard of a way to call for a reboot through SNMP, I would guess that it wouldn’t be possible in the current implementation of Mimosa’s SNMP because it only has the community string variable. (Which it think is sent around unencrypted)

For most other manufactures I would say run SSH and script, but Mimosa doesn’t provide access to the CLI to the user.

Maybe if you are lucky you could find an SNMP call that crashes the unit, but that might not be the greatest if ideas for a production network…

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If your Mimosa radios are cloud connected, you can initiate a reboot through the Cloud itself.

Hmm, is there an API? That would be pretty darn easy to do. Session ID that is logged in, antenna serial and command…

That would be the critical factor: if we can trip a reboot via the cloud that would be ideal. Guess I have some digging to do on that :slight_smile:

Is there an API call I can poke to reboot the radios? The idea is to minimize the need for human touches.

Product management says there is only an API for backhaul products at the moment. I’ll pursue this with them.

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