Proper Grounding between 2 set of Mimosa C5X+NS-X12

Hi All,

I’m discussing proper grounding solution between 2 set of Mimosa C5X+NS-X12. I will be creating point-to-point wireless AP.

First location - Building A, C5X+NS-X12 (C5X-A), NID (NID-A), PC

Second location - Outdoor Control Panel B (CP-B), C5X+NS-X12 (C5X-B), NID (NID-B) , Network Switch (NS-B). Will be install new grounding point. There are also grounding cable came together with AC power supply. So 2 grounding source.

In Building A, I will be terminating grounding cable from C5X-A earth terminal to NID-A and from NID-A to building electrical grounding point.

In CP-B, I will be terminating grounding cable from C5X-B earth terminal to NID-B and from NID-B to new grounding point.

Is it the correct grounding application?

At each location, as I understand it, you want all of your grounds to be tied together. So you want your electrical ground to be tied to your electronics ground.

But you don’t have to take my word for it, here is the R56 standard which will give you all the information you will need to properly ground your equipment. I would not use any other resource (and don’t, we have a guy who lives this book and one of his jobs is to make sure all of our stuff is properly grounded, so I let him do his thing and don’t loose radios)

Thanks for the manual.