PtMP asymmetric traffic split ever?

Is there any general time frame for duty cycles other than 50/50 coming to PtMP? In another post (April 2018) @DustinS mentioned it was coming “soon”.

Any news?


Hi @jacobturner,

With the acquisition of Mimosa by Airspan, I would say this is one of their more important features they require us to have. I saw a roadmap yesterday that included this. It was an internal one and always subject to change, but I can say it’s slated for summer time.


Good news! Thanks for the quick followup.

Whoot Whoot!!! Can’t come soon enough! Fork lift all the networks!

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Anxious about that feature.

Summer has almost passed (in the northern hemisphere - or did you mean the southern one?), and still no new firmware (even beta) with SRS 75/25 down/up split. Any good news? Without this, I’m seriously considering moving to Cambium which already has 75/25 and also covers more of the 6GHz licensed band I need (A5/C5 were advertised “up to 6200 MHz” but later turned out to have poor antenna gain above 6000).

I agree It is a waste that has no division of asymmetric traffic

So now that summer has come and gone, is this still on a roadmap somewhere? The lack of asymmetric traffic split is the #1 reason I have a bunch of PtMP mimosa gear on a shelf collecting dust.

What if I said only a few more weeks and that it’s coming in 2.5.3 beta 4?


That would be a very cool thing to say :wink:

Hi all,

As promised, 75/25 is now available in 2.5.3 beta 4. Send me an email if you want the firmware added to your account.


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Hello, I would like beta firmware added to my account. Do you have PTP firmware available too?

Hi James,

We have beta for B5, B5c, C5c, and C5x PTP and we have beta for A5/C5. Please provide me with your cloud email address at

Ya’ll are adults and such, but I would recommend PMing or directly emailing people, not posting your email, phone or other contact information on a public forum…

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Hi Dustin. Thanks for sending the beta firmware. I have detected that if the traffic division is used in 75/25 it returns to 50/50, therefore it makes no changes.
Can it be reviewed?
From already thank you very much!

There is a UI bug using Firefox and Edge at the moment. Please try using incognito mode Chrome to make the change.