Ptp link on the sea...

Hello everyone.
I am planning to make a ptp link 15 km away to an island, the link
passes over the city 6 km the other 9km are on the sea.
I intend to use radio model Bc5, which would be advisable to use these equipment
for that type of link, especially that it will be going over the aquifer mantle.
I hope you can give me tips on the link and what considerations I should take.

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first create an account here

then go to the design portion and check out the link. Mimosa has some of the best link planning tools I have used yet. You will know pretty well how well the link will perform as well as what hardware will work best for you.

This video from our YouTube channel explains how Mimosa Networks built a link across a large body of water:

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Thank you for your comment, I currently have mimosa cloud account and I made the projection simulating with Bc5 equipment using 32 dbi antennas
and it gives me as result 300/200 mb free line of sight here the detail is not that it is possible to link but that the link is maintained
and especially the amount of mb to pass.
I currently have a link to the same island with a pair of radio from another brand and using 30dbi antennas
I can get up to 80mb but the link is unstable.
I’m looking for something robust and stable.

very creative the example of that link of the video but I look for something more serious something more professional,
since the example shown in the video, I can not do it or use it for my project.
I understood what the video shows as a spatial diversity but I need to make it more professional.
I hope someone has a clearer idea or suggestion of what I am about to do.
I will continue looking for more options.

We appreciate your feedback. Can you contact us on our live chat line at We would like to look at your specific link.

Hi, water shots are very tricky.
Antenna heights are very important.
Get as high as possible so water becomes irrelevant.
Temp changes tend to cause atmospheric “lensing” which will bend the RF signal out of the path.
Slant antennas can help on this.
Since 5GHz wavelength is 6 cm, small changes can make a big difference, play changinh heights of the antennas.

Hope this helps.


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