QinQ support for new EVPL Site

I apologize ahead of time if this is a repeat but I didn’t find anything that matches my situation. I have a customer that I am doing EVPL services with and I need to add a new site. We want to save save money on equipment cost and tower space so we would prefer not to use B5’s - The location is direct line of site to one of our A5c’s. My thought was to create a new dedicated SSID for this customer with a new S-Vlan. We need to allow the customer to tag their own traffic into the C5x and ship it off to the rest of the MPLS network. The other important piece of info here is we place all of our C5’s into the same Management Vlan which obviously cannot be accessible from the ethernet side of the C5.

The documentation I was reading wasn’t very clear on this situation so I am not sure if this is even possible in this setup?

Please let me know if I can provide any further information.

Thanks in advanced!

Reading this page, I think it should be doable, though I don’t have the ability to replicate and try setting it up myself at the moment.


If you are using SRS, you are stuck with one SSID. In which case you have to set your system up to tag to each CPE, maybe have a default data VLAN then have your EVPL customer on their own VLAN which has QinQ. But I am not certain exactly how the setup on this should look.

Now, if instead you put a router/switch between their equipment and yours, your life gets really easy, A5c’s should pass traffic that is already tagged around all day without a sweat.

All that said, EVPL Circuits should be expensive. They are a pain in the neck, cause all sorts of worries everywhere and are in general a case for lost sanity. If you are not getting enough $$$ to run these guys through your network with PTP hardware, even something cheap, I would reconsider your prices.