QoS tagging for VOIP traffic

We are looking to start offering phone service off of our gateways, and are running into some issues with applying QoS tags on inbound traffic to the C5. We are tagging the outbound traffic at our gateway, and I have verified via packet capture that it is being set correctly.

I have tried creating an access list in the A5 to tag the inbound traffic, but a packet capture from the gateway shows that it is not applying the tag. I have also confirmed with Mimosa support that the ACL is configured properly.

For those of you already offering VOIP service, are you utilizing QoS, and if so do you have any insight here? Any other useful tips?



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Bump! I need to accomplish the same thing. Hoping someone can provide some input.

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If Mimosa says your config is correct, but you are not seeing the proper tags then it could be the case that the system is not doing its job. Could you post a picture of your ACL config so we can get a better idea of your setup?