Quality Of Service on C5C


Is there a QOS on C5C?

Yes the C5c supports QoS:

This is Mimosa’s description of how theirs works:

Hello William,

Thank you, but is it possible to set certain protocols as ICMP to highest priority?
I couldn’t find any configuration related to QoS, on other products it is called ICMP Prioritization.

There are som prioritization you can apply on the AP side. Will affect all connected clients.
Includes HTTP/HTTPS, VPN, ICMP,YouTube,BitTorrent and the setting can be found under Preferences->Management on the A5c.


I have nothing like Application Prioritization. And I have C5C with firmware 2.3.3-PTP-beta-6

Ok. Yes this only applies to PTMP.

The documentation I liked to was for the PTP setup of the C5c, it doesn’t seem like QoS is user configurable. (Unless you are actively marking up your packets for QoS)

2.7.1 beta 2 has configurable QoS for PTP B5, B5c, C5c, C5x

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