Question about C5x Protocol

Can any one clear it for me
What is different between SRS and Wifi introp ?
And when we use from this 2 protocol
What is different between IP and PHY ?
When we use from IP and when we use from PHY

SRS vs WiFi Interop

I think these next two links should help in explaining your second question:

thanks William
SRS is solved thanks
but i am not clear in PHY and IP
Can you clear it for me briefly?

Well, first off, I am uncertain what you mean by IP. Could you post a picture highlighting what you are confused by?

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For example
A5c max throughput in IP 1.0 GB and 1.7GB in PHY
this is my question

So you mean on the specification sheet like here:

I am not certain, it’s something to do with the actual amount of traffic the AP could theoretically pass VS the maximum it could pass due to some limitations.

I almost completely ignore the spec sheets when they are talking about bandwidth, there is almost no set standard for reporting the “maximum bandwidth that the AP can pass” and you will rarely achieve those bandwidths outside of the lab anyways.

If you are trying to decide what product to buy, I would recommend taking a look at the documentation provided by the manufacture of the equipment. It is one reason I prefer Mimosa over other companies.

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