Question about Large Network Design

Heey everyone.

I have a question about P2P. im Currently designing a Network for some Communitys to get faster Internet into the Apartments.

my Problem now is if it is Possible to connect multible Towers together.

For example

T1 = Connection To Internet Provider with 100 GB

T1 Sends about 10 GB to 10 other Towers so they can send it into the Citys ?

sry for my bad English ^^

اكتبلك بل الغة العربية
لو تموت ما تحصل رديوة 10 كيكة
نويز قاتل

So, it depends on what equipment you are using, but yes, in general you can split up traffic as you say.

The first thing would be to clarify what you mean by “100 GB”. Do you mean 100 Gbps? or do you mean you have a cap on the amount of bandwidth that you can pass and then you are done.

I do not expect the availability of a device that can transfer 1 TB data … I have never seen one like it.