Questions about updating firmware for c5c bridge

Hi. I have a 25km c5c bridge setup in Peru and am having some problems with them resetting and taking hours to come alive again. I have firmware and was thinking that perhaps updating the firmware might help. When I look at the new firmware listed, I see 2.5.4 and 2.8.1 Which one should I go for? I know as the jungle here has a lot of lightning, that could have damaged my system… I may need to replace one or both of the radios… but I thought I’d try the firmware update first. Any advice?

Either 2.5.4 or 2.8.1 PTP will be fine, but I would go for 2.8.1 because I am using it pretty broadly in my network and have been happy. I know there were some issues in the earlier 2.8.x firmware so that could be your issue. Make sure you use the same firmware on both radios and that you upgrade the far radio first!

Personally I would double check your grounding and verify that all of that is good. Near lighting strikes shouldn’t, take you down for hours. I guess if you were working with a weak signal then that could make sense.

You might post your channel and power page, there could be something there with the config, but TBH I kinda doubt it. I have a link running and it’s been up for closing on 78 days. We have not had any really horrible storms in it’s area, but there have been a couple…

Another thing to check would be is if your power might be going out for that period of time after a strike.

Thanks for responding!

Found one problem… The 12 year old Cat5E on my 39M tower was intermittently failing. Replaced the cable. We’ll see if we keep losing service. I am still wanting to upgrade the firmware. I have a few questions still. Apparently the latest (date-wise) is the 2.5.4, but logically the higher the number the most advanced firmware, right? so the 2.8.1 should be the most advanced, correct? So which to choose? The other question is, does the file name need to be changed so that the “.IMG” is the last of the name, or do I leave it with the “.signed” to end it?
Thanks for your help!

2.8.1 has some extra features and is the firmware chain I am running, but I don’t think there is much in it that will be particularly beneficial to someone running a C5c PTP.

Mimosa runs largely the same codebase for their PTP products, which is nice for UI stuff, but it means that there are features in it that are not well suited for the lower priced products. For example I have seen people have issued running QOS on the C5c and it reducing the overall throughput, now that very well could be because they had something mis-configured or their test was faulty for some reason or another. Either way, many of the features in 2.8.x I wouldn’t use.

The 2.5.x firmware is definitely more mature, so I would lean towards using it for most use cases…

Hello Vann , and thanks for the replies here William5,

Just a note- FW 2.5.4 is for A5/A5c PTMP and Client radios, and B24 PTP links.

2.5.4 is not to be used on C5c/C5x PTP links.

(2.8.1 GA, beta1, or the latest beta 2.9.0.beta5 is good for C5c/C5x PTP)

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