Questions, observations after testing A5-14

So we have been testing an A5-14 out and so far our observations are… Fantastic, we switched over some of our customers using Cambium Force 180, and Force 200 SM’s and I can tell you that they way out perform connecting to our ePMP 1000 tower by a large factor. Example, customer 4 miles out on a force 180, had a -65dbm and SNR of 30 average MCS of 13, they went from 35 up and 5 down to 98 up and 20 down. The experience is the same across all of our testers. We really like the Cambium subscribers units and we want to leave them since they are performing great. I want to also bring on customers that feel they need more and use the C5’s. Can I have a mixed environment like this and not suffer, also, can I tell the AP to use 80Ghz channels since we have the availability in our area and still have the 40Ghz units train onto the AP?

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Yes sir. You can even have the AP operating in 80Mhz mode, and manually set a station to 20Mhz if it performs better vs 40Mhz to that same AP! Without TDMA, eventually, you’ll run into a limitation where there is no more available airtime. Without TDMA, there is no airtime fairness, and latency/throughput may suffer to some stations.

What AP / antenna were you using with the Force 180 / Force 200 radios?

Is this backward, or is your upload significantly faster than your download?

We were using ePMP 1000 GPS Sync with front to back configurations radios connected to second gen RF Elements 60 degree twist port. Upload from the AP, meaning customer download speed.

Hi Mario,

So just to be sure I’m not imagining things. You are saying you have the A4-15 as the AP with Cambium ePMP1000 subscribers?

This makes it sound like upgrading will be a breeze if various CPE products will connect.