Questions on mimosa network setups

Hello everyone, I am looking at switching over to mimosa from Ubiquiti and have some questions on how the Ap and the clients setup procedures. I ordered a c5 just to test the water so to speak and I see no place to run vlans in it so I’m assuming that the ap’s are doing it? Also do the ap’s do the Qos per speed packages?

My current router setup has my public ip blocks on 2 separate vlans and for the cheap packages I am using a cgn network also on a vlan so my question is how will i be able to point each client to the needed vlan?

I am moving into a small city that the new n5-360 will work great, but still waiting on shipments and have one pre ordered. I am very excited to get my first Mimosa site going to see how well they perform over ubnt.

So if I can get some incite as to how the AP software will allow me to keep my current router setup it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

You are correct, the Mimosa Clients do not do much on the VLAN stuff. (other then you can setup a management VLAN for the clients) All the data VLAN stuff is done on the AP. If you are running SRS then an A5c will only allow you to do one 5GHz SSID which only permits one VLAN on the SSID.

It looks to me like you will have to have a router that tags the traffic based on IP or something about each client before sending it all off. Or you run multiple APs in SRS mode. Or you can explore the “CPE Data VLAN” stuff in the From the looks of it this might work for you, but I have never used it.

Let us know what kind of distance you are getting out of a C5 and n5-360 combo. We are looking at setting a couple up ourselves.

Hi William, Thank you for the input. So I am gathering every ssid that is created, it would have its own vlan? If this is the case how many ssid can be created? I also will not be using SRS at this site for now.

i looked at that link and never was able to find the “CPE Data VLAN”. I must be skipping over it.

This interested me yesterday after responding to your post so I looked it up. Here are two pages that explain CPE Data VLAN.

So if I am reading this correctly, I can have 1 ssid and then use no vlan on the ap data but use the cpe vlan data per cpe?

I believe that is how Mimosa has set this up.

Honestly, I have been reading more into this and there have been a couple other guys on the forums talking about VLAN stuff and I am not completely certain my understanding is totally correct. (We are only doing VLAN Tagging and Untagging in Mikrotik and Netonix hardware.)

That all said, if you are going to use “Interop” instead of SRS then the documentation is clear that you can do multiple SSIDs in the 5GHz range and I just double checked on our A5-14 and the menu will allow for doing what I think you want to do.

After more closely reading your first post I figured I should answer “Also do the ap’s do the Qos per speed packages?” I believe that you can do that setup and there are several ways to go about it.

Hi @craig2! If you email me at, I can send you some additional information on VLANing with A5/C5.