Questions Re: Traffic Shaping Plans Commit vs Max


We are a bit new to the PTMP mimosa stuff (love your backhauls) and am a bit confused on commit vs max rate plans on the A5.

Does the commit reserve the capacity for the specific plan from total AP capacity during non-peak times? IE: if my A5 has total capacity of 100 mbits and I put a commit in of 20 and a max of 30 does it leave only 70 for the remaining customers even if there isn’t that much usage or does it rate limit only in cases where the total usage is > 70?

I’m coming from cambium world where we have burst buckets, burst rates, and total rates which “balance” automatically by the AP. (Ie: 50 Mbits total, 20 customers all try to access content, 10 at 10mbit/sec plan 10 at 4/mbit sec plan you’re requesting 140 mbits so the AP then will equally limit the customers, delivering roughly 3.5 mbits to each of 10mbit customers and 1.4 mbits to each of the 4 mbit customers.