Radiation from Mimosa Products(B5-light)

I own 4 set of B5-light and i am wondering how much radiation it is putting out also, how high it need to be from ground because of radiation.
New research came out how cellphone radiation effecting user. I would like to compare cellphone radiation with mimosa devises.

You get thousands of times the RF exposure from standing in the sunlight. It’s not an issue. Don’t put your head in front of them at full power for long periods of time or there’s a small risk of damage to your eyes. (I haven’t done the calculations but I’m not sure that the lites can even put out adequate EIRP for that to be a concern).

Thank you for the respond. I love my B5-light. I never had any issue with drop signal.

Your microwave oven should be your primary concern. 2000w of radiated power on 2ghz.

While the risk is low, there are standards for exposure. The FCC approval for the B5-Lite/C5 says “The antenna(s) used for this transmitter must be installed to provide a separation distance of at least 1m from all persons…” That is based on the power level in front, where the gain is, with the radio at maximum power. And it refers to prolonged exposure (>5 minutes), not incidental exposure.
Cell phones held next to the head are far more dangerous - they have about the same actual power and have a nondirectional antenna. The C5’s radome provides more distance protection than that.