Radios stop everyday after power shutdown

Hi there,

I installed a b5-lite ptp connection. Form site A tot site B. distance c.a. 300m
On site A I have internet by fibre.
On site B there is no internet. that’s what I need the B5-lite for. But there is also no power. For the power there is a generator who is only running at day time. everyday about 4 PM the generator will be shut down until the next morning.
After the power is back in the morning the connection of the B5-lite is not there again. Its necessary to reboot the radio at site A. After reboot the connection is back again.

What can I do that the connection will come back automatic in the morning??


The next time this happens, before you reboot Site A, please collect the Support log (.tar file) and send it to Mimosa Support ( We’ll be able to see the connection logs and determine the link state.

This morning again the connaction was broken. in de Mimosa cloud the site A was green. Site B was Red. i try to reboor site. After reboot site A was also red. I went to site a and it was not possible to connect with IP after turned the power off and on the connection came back.
Yesterday i send the .tar file tot the support mail…


Hi Christer,

We reviewed the logs and sent you an email with a theory and some troubleshooting steps. It looks like it might be related to DHCP after the power outage.