Radius Accounting

We’re trying out Radius authentication which works as expect in 2.2.x. However, I’m not seeing any Radius Accounting. Most other vendors send radius interim/alive packets every hour (or configurable time frame). Can we get this feature implemented?

I’d love to be able to set the radius accounting alive interval in the GUI so the AP will report in on each connected subscriber and what their usage has been in the X minutes. We get details like Session Time, Tx/Rx counters, and more!

Here’s an example that we get from UBNT every hour for each connected subscriber:
Acct-Session-Id = "58A1597A-0000012B"
Acct-Status-Type = Alive
Acct-Authentic = RADIUS
User-Name = “(username)”
NAS-Identifier = “(AP device name)”
Called-Station-Id = “00-00-00-00-C0-E6:(SSID_HERE)”
NAS-Port-Type = Wireless-IEEE-802-11
NAS-Port = 0
Calling-Station-Id = “00-00-00-DE-D8-FE"
Connect-Info = "CONNECT 0Mbps 802.11b"
Acct-Session-Id = "58A1597A-0000012B"
Acct-Session-Time = 1791003
Acct-Input-Packets = 11863049
Acct-Output-Packets = 15879001
Acct-Input-Octets = 318708745
Acct-Input-Gigawords = 1
Acct-Output-Octets = 1307601819
Acct-Output-Gigawords = 4
Event-Timestamp = 1492490152
Timestamp = 1492490152

Please add this feature! :slight_smile:

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We’re also seeing the A5 re-auth the client via radius every ~8 hours. This is great, but it’d help if this was also tweakable. We’d prefer something shorter so we can de-auth clients sooner during suspensions. 1hr would be better, but it’d be ideal to have that set via the web UI.