Radius authentication

Hi, Has anyone tried setting up an A5 and C5 authenticating through radius?

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Hi Righetti,

Our A5-14 and C5 clients have been running radius since day 1 with no issues.




What radius are you using? Could you pass VSA for the qos part and bandwidth?


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FreeRadius (+MySQL)

We are just doing 802.1x authentication. No VSA for QoS/rate-limiting. Mimosa doesn’t support it yet (but I think it’s on the road map)

We use the bandwidth rate limiting in the A5. We offer only 1 tier of service right now so it’s a very straightforward/basic setup.

Also worth noting that we provide every customer with a G2 unit (in router mode) so we have a known L3 device on the other end of the C5.

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