RADUIS User authentication possible?

We are trying to move the management interfaces of all our devices to centralized Multi Factor authentication via RADIUS. Our network is getting too big to login to every backhaul on the network and change the password whenever someone leaves the company. I noticed that Mimosa units only gives an option for a single local password. Is this something that can be enabled? Or will the option for remote user authentication be available in an upcoming firmware release?

I don’t know if the RADIUS feature set covers authentication to login to the webui of the CPE, but you probably could be pretty secure if you setup a management VLAN for your C5# devices which had a good firewall and then you could just use 1 password for all the C5# devices.

I would checkout the firmware logs and see if the RADIUS stuff there would be of help http://client.help.mimosa.co/client-ptmp-firmware-release-notes-c5

Then I would chat with Mimosa support if you can’t find the feature you need.

RADIUS based user interface authentication is not supported. @William5 your management VLAN suggestion is the best alternative although not the same of course. We’ve had this on our feature request list but it is unlikely to be added soon based on priorities.

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We have been deploying more and more B# backhauls as they have been a great product, but without the security and accounting (being able to see who logged in and when) we might need to move away from mimosa products to maintain a standardized security profile. Not everything supports separate management VLANs, but just about everything in our network supports RADIUS.