Real TIme Spectrum Analyzer

Can we get a spectrum analyzer that’s a bit more real time? I’m trying to diagnose a link that keeps dipping. I’m suspecting fleeting interference, but the current view is a bit more long-term than I need in this situation.

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Hi Mike,

We understand the application use case. This would take some serious development effort in our TDMA protocol. We currently sample spectrum once every 2s, and doing much more would require us to change the scheduler logic to have many more spectrum analysis slots assigned in the 2s period. The tradeoff would be reduced link capacity with this mode turned on. While this is all possible, it is likely not going to be a feature that we can release quickly. Nevertheless, I will submit it as a feature request for you.

I get the impression that the current mode doesn’t so much display the last read, but some sort of cascading historical view. For instance something that I know I changed the channel on still shows up in the spectral analysis 30, 60, etc. later.

If I can toggle show me the last scan and the last scan only, great.

I didn’t think so much your idea, but that’s a good idea.

Maybe a disruptive spectral analysis mode? Show me as much as you can, connection be damned.

We capture portions of the spectrum over time in random, non-repeating 5 MHz “chunks” until we have a complete composite image, and then start over again. It takes 5-10 minutes of these captures to assemble a meaningful image. Historical data expires over the same period so older samples are removed and replaced by new samples.

Thanks for the explanation.