Real world throughput

Hi there!

I’m considering the B11 as a solution for a link I’ve been planning and I wanted to get a realistic idea of how it would perform.

I’m wondering - what kind of real world throughput I could expect on a single 80 MHz channel with the B11?


About how far are you going?

I have a link that is 1x80.


I don’t have my numbers from testing, I could to a Mikrotik Btest tomorrow if you would like…

Roughly 9.5mi

Would love to see that test if it’s not too much trouble - thanks!

I did Down then Up over a min.

This seems to be just about half of my 2x80 link.

I remembered that the MAC Tx/Rx rates will move around based on how much BW you are pushing through them. If you are not maxing the connection they will settle to lower rates, but as you push more data through the link they will move up to higher rates to keep up with the traffic.

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Awesome - thanks for that!

Have you run into any issues with the unit’s ‘Auto’ setting for traffic split when passing real traffic?

None at all.

We have been 100% happy with our B11s, I actually had to do 1.5 years worth of updates a month or so ago on our first link because we had forgotten to do them it worked so well.

We ran into a dropping issue a short while after install, but found that our Power bricks had been strapped together and were overheating. No issues what so ever that are a B11 fault…