Really is as good Mimosa

Really is as good Mimosa and tell us the sellers of this product, I had recommended a B5 Lite for a point-to-point of 5.54 km, I bought this product and support tell me not used to this than nesecito They are a B5, in my opinion no products with prices more comfortable and more dbi, now I have a B5 Lite ara I do not serve anything.

Hi Luis,

Mimosa Support recommended a B5 or B5c for your specific situation because of the high amount of noise where the radios are installed. Performance depends on SNR (, so an antenna with higher gain makes sense.

Before you purchase a Mimosa product, we recommend that you model your link first with our free Design application ( You should include the interference level because the Design tool doesn’t know what this is by default.

We hope that you will find another application for the B5-Lite radios in your area where the signal-to-noise ratio allows for the performance that you expect.

We had a 7km link running with B5 Lite radios and once we found the right frequency they were fabulous on the performance side of things. We could transfer 200 Mbps all day long.