Reboot Mimosa B11

Hello everyone,

I would like you to tell me if when you activated the SNMP Protocol and started using a monitoring tool, B11 started to restart after a few minutes. I did a search and it seems that this is due to version 1.5.1 and Mimosa would release another corrected firmware. I would like to know if this firmware already exists or some other way to not restart the B11.


Are you aggressively monitoring stuff through SNMP?

Yes, I usually monitor the interface, download and upload consumption, link, signal.

How frequently are you polling that data?

Also how are you grabbing that info, some programs will do an entire SNMP walk just to collect a few pieces of info. SNMP walk is pretty processing intensive so you really don’t want to have to push it too hard.

Thanks for the feedback, the form of monitoring would be constant for these 3 alarms. It would be the same way that I monitor mikrotik’s equipment

Well, if you let me know how frequently you are polling and how you are doing the polls (even just the application) I might be able to try duplicating the issue, I have a B11 link that is going to a dead tower at the moment so I am in the unique position of being able to try duplicating your issue.