Reboot reason code: 2000

I have an A5c rebooting multiple times a day flagging reboot reason code 2000. I’ve searched online and in other forums but have yet to find a solid explanation or solution to what this code is. Can anyone shed any info or point me to a list of code descriptions??

That’s a question for Mimosa support. I have not seen any error like this before either in my network or on the forums or in the Mimosa Beta stuff.

I would go to and either do the online chat or email one of those should get you on the right track. Let me know if you get stuck somewhere and I’ll see what I can do.

we have the same issue. Running firmware version Firmware Version: 2.5.4 using a 360 Antenna. Not sure if it makes any difference as to what antenna is being used or not.

Looks like there was someone who had an error code 2000 for their B5c radio and Mimosa had them RMA it.

Well then… I opened a support case so i will wait and see if they have a solution for it or if we have to replace it.
Thank you William5

Was there a solution to this? Did you end up having to replace the unit?

IIRC, there was a firmware that was supposed to solve the issue sometime late last summer.

But I may be remembering wrong, I would open up a support case with Mimosa if you are already running the latest firmware.