Recommendation ptp 93km 100mbps

hello! comunity, it will be possible PTP 93km with B5C


which dishes recommend me:
1: Algcom PS-6100-35-12-DP
2: Jirous JRC-35 5ghz

The link is theoretically possible, but will be hard to align properly. I would recommend the JRC-38DD or the PS-6100-38-18-DP just for the extra dB of signal strength and less noise.

If you are shooting over large bodies of water or swamp. You might run into Thermal Ducting issues, Mimosa has a video about dealing with that, but as the link gets higher above the ground you will have less chance of that being an issue.

You should also look up your local EIRP laws and design the link with those in mind, many countries require lower power output then the FCC allows and the Mimosa Link planner defaults to FCC rules, which your radio won’t default to when you unlock it.

It is a hard link to setup, if you have never done a long distance PTP link before you are going to run into issues, but in principle it should work…

thank William, I’ve seen this work cases 93km, your experience how dish its
best choice Jirous or Algcom

Higher gain = less noise you will be picking up from other sources, less power output you need from your radio, more directional in the power your are outputting.

It is also just a better idea to use the highest gain dish you can afford/fit for your install. The one time where higher gain isn’t as good idea is if you are looking at a situation where you have thermal ducting/inversion, but at that point you should probably watch the Mimosa video about dealing with it.

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Wow – I’ve seen quite a few long distance links in the past, including several of our own, but this is pretty impressive. We have nothing this far reaching, and I have 1 site that I would love to link, but have “chickened out” so to speak because Mimosa information more or less made me think it would be too far without other considerations…

What did you end up with as your antenna on each end, and what was the method you used to get them aligned?

I agree, very nice overall

I am also curious on what dish you used.