Recommendations for SNMP and Network monitoring system

I am setting up a new Mimosa WISP and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations of an SNMP manager and Network monitoring system that they had good luck with and that are easy to set up. I am looking for something that will Text and email for outages, collect all mimosas SNMP Traps.


Hi, i need these, i need get the SNMP to put in PHP monitor site.

Although it can be pricey, depending on the number of monitored devices take a look at PRTG. We have been using it for 10 years now and it is an excellent product.


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Zabbix is free and powerful. You will run into issues though as Mimosa’s SNMP just quits working until you stop and restart it. Be prepared for gaps in your data collection. Mimosa has known about this bug for many versions of their firmware but refuse to fix it.

We use the dude from Mikrotik. We don’t do much SNMP, but are happy with it. Alerts, live network maps and graphing are all decent.

We have also used PRTG and it was good to us as well.

Does anyone use Solar Winds? We use it for most of our SNMP traffic and was wondering if anyone else had used it with the Mimosa product line.

I’m looking for a solution as well.

Iam need to, iam try get data and put into php but i can do. Some help?

I have been implementing zabbix since i started this post, and you are so correct about gaps in data and SNMP will just stop every now and then. have you found any good template for A5c, i got all my backhauls and C5c but the access points will not work for me.

We use the dude as well for ICMP (ping) and custom SNMP Oid probes (such as modulation rates).
For SNMP graphing, LibreNMS works very well. Both are free.