Recommended POE switch

We are outgrowing space with individual POE adapters from all the A5C’s, C5X’s, and B5 radios up our tower. Can anyone recommend a good POE switch that works good with mimosa products like the A5c, C5x, and B5’s?? It’s getting very cluttered and hard to organize all the individual POE’s. Be nice if Mimosa made a GIGabyte POE switch that would handle all their products.


The same switch isn’t likely to work with all of them. Depending on which B5 you have, I think they’re 802.3af or 802.3at. The C5x is passive PoE. I think the C5x will work on 24v passive, if the cable run isn’t too long. It won’t work if you get much of a voltage drop. That said, some Ubiquiti switches will do both active and 24v passive.

Have you tried multi-port PoE adapters? Here are some examples of what I’m speaking of.

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I suggest to use Netonix or Cambium cnMatrix TX2012R-P switches

Personally, I’ve used Netonix switches. Most of the time they are stable but we have had some instances of failed ports or just dying. Keep some spares on hand (like an extra at each tower) and you should be ok. The others mentioned are ok too. Cambium is a bit pricey but I hear they are pretty good.

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I have used Mikrotik and Netonix switches previously.

The nice thing with Mikrotik is they do 802.3 at/af as well as passive. (It’s also Mikrotik which is a lot of fun)

The nice thing about Netonix is the simple UI and especially VLAN UI. That said, there have been a lot of people complaining about Netonix availability.


+1 for Netonix Switches!
However I recently installed 4x A5x’s at a site and used a Netwonix switch at bottom and then ran from the “high power” port Ethernet to a TP Link Switch (TP-SW5GD-BT) - it is a passive switch - but I can reboot it remotely if I need to and reboot all AP’s at once. That is a downside too I suppose.
If you can get away with it - use a Netonix switch (If you can get them) as you can re-boot individual ports remotely etc. They do VLANS’s LAG of ports for more throughput / failover, and all kinds of cool stuff.
That was our problem - it is very hard to find Netonix switches currently.

Another option would be a network attached power distribution unit that you plug the the PoE injectors into. Although, I’ll admit, if you can get a switch to do the job, it would be nicer.