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I am implementing some PTMP solutions for subscribers and I am wondering if anyone has any resources or imput on what recommended values for things like RSSI, SNR, Rx power level, PER and PHY rates. Just wondering what some ball parks are so I know where I should be aiming for.

I am using A5-14s and A5c linked to C5xs. I am trying to provide 100 to 200 Mbps.

I appreciate any input!

Thank you

At those speeds you will want your numbers as high as possible. You will need to minimally use a 40 MHz wide channel, probably an 80 MHz wide channel. To increase reliability you will want a very clean channel as well as use high gain antennas on your clients to help increase your signal strength vs the inevitable noise.

The two biggest factors will be RSSI and SNR, and of those two SNR is the big stick. If you have a really quite environment you can have -60 dB RSSI and have 30 dB SNR which will give you the oppritunity to have low PER and High PHY rates. For best results you will want your PHY rates to be maxed out (MCS 9) as much as possible, the less time your AP has to spend talking to any one Client will mean that it can talk to more Clients faster.

Other factors, having a clear Line of Sight (LOS) between your AP and your Clients. This doesn’t just mean “having visiblitiy” I also mean that there are not obstructions between your client and AP which will impact the Fresnel zone of your link. (Trees and buildings being the most common)

But if you are in a high noise environment -60 dB might not even be enough to keep an antenna connected to the AP, much less pass a reasonable amount of data.

All that said, the Mimosa Documentation is pretty good about directing you at what you would need for what you are wanting to do:

Dear, we have deployed 6 A5c with omni 360, 2x2 sectors and 4x4 sectors, and with less than 44 CPE all C5x with Horn of 16dBi maximum distance 2km “SNR 24 to 30” we did not manage to deliver more than 90Mbps in 40Mhz in the best case.

noise? the A5c working in more than 6000Mhz the modulations of the C5x ​​is very bad, they have to be below that, this is bad since we cannot use the area that is free.

If @William5 can give us some tips it would be good.

@Cesar_Javier, I try to keep threads isolated to one person’s issue. If you wouldn’t mind creating a new thread with some more info I would be more then happy to give you some pointers.

In the new thread if you could post your channel and power page from an example A5c as well as a Clients PHY Stats page that will give me quite a bit to work with.

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OK, creating new thread…