Repeated B5 Cable Failure

4th time… Ethernet cable failure. ToughCable. Cable from the same batch has not failed at any other B5/B5C location

We have changed out the radio, the power brick, the MikroTik PowerBOX, (B5 plugged into port 1 via the Mimosa brick)
Radio won’t Ethernet link to the MikroTik or to my laptop… Replacing the cable has restored function each time.

We are going to try a 48VDC non-mimosa brick now, before replacing the cable yet again.

This time, we will install Beldon 1300A cable. We will also recover the installed cable without cutting it or putting any tension on it for examination and testing at the shop.

Other ideas to try?

Clients are getting annoyed…

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Replaced the Mimosa 56VDC power brick with a UBNT 48VDC power brick… And it works! No cable change…


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Do you have any surge suppression in-line?

Оne of the solutions: just remove the patch cord inside the Mimosa and plug your cable directly into the device port. Of course, this is at your own risk. In this situation, the warranty on the device is dropped unless Mimosa admits their mistake.


Non-Working setup:
B5 <–ToughCable 90ft -> Mimosa Power Brick <- Cat 6 jumper -> MikroTik PowerBOX

Working Setup:
B5 <–ToughCable 90ft -> UBNT 48VDC Injector <- Cat 6 jumper -> MikroTik PowerBOX

The pulled Mimosa bricks work fine on the bench and at other locations.

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What is/ Is there some known problem with the pigtail?

I’m not saying there’s a problem with the pigtails. I’m just saying that after its elimination, the device works perfectly with all types of cables and power supplies. Everyone can draw their own conclusions.

There can be problems with additional surge suppression in-line, but you don’t have that… I don’t have other thoughts.

Well, we have had at least 4 pairs of B5 radios now with power issues. They keep sending us new radios and power supplies but it doesn’t account for time, labor, and customer frustration. Something needs to be done ASAP…

We had a pigtail issue with a similar looking product several years back similar to this. The part on the outside of the case was letting water in. This one looks a little different, but have you notice any leaks? We have had one of nearly every pair of B5’s we have put in service fail on the ethernet side.

I have had several drop from 1000 to 100 and Mimosa has sent me replacements. Do you think the pigtail could also cause this problem? hmmmm… Mine are already out of warranty, so may try this.