Replacement parts

Hi guys,

Please can you tell me from where can i get spare parts for the Mimosa B5 device?
I have a new device but i lost these 2 pieces

I would recommend contacting Mimosa Support.

You could always check on the second hand market, there might be someone who has a dead radio who would be willing to send you the brackets for cheap.

Thanks for your reply William.
I really appreciate you that

I am from Saudi Arabia, and unfortunately, Mimosa products are not widely available!
I am trying to search for these parts, new or used, online
But I could not find it.

I will contact Mimosa support.

And if you can, suggest me websites for second hand parts online
I would be grateful for that>

Thank you

There are a couple Facebook groups of people selling old equipment. I know of a couple that are focused on United States, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you guys had your own. Personally I would try to find a forum focused on your area of the world, cheaper shipping that way.

Thank you William for these information :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you provide me with the links of these groups
As for shipping, I have no problem with that. I have shipments permanently from the United States
And I have a friend in Philadelphia managing that

Esas piezas son sencillas de construir,cualquier carpintero metalico (herrero) se las puede fabricar artesanalmente,despues solo tendria que pintarlas