Request: Refreshed G2, Maybe called G6


We are starting to deploy a Mimosa A6/C6 network and really liked the idea of the G2 style PoE/WiFi router combo to power our CPE. We were of course disappointed to see the G2s PoE spec would not satisfy a C6 and really liked the G2 Idea. It would’ve given us the ability to use the Mimosa ecosystem the same way we have used our previous gen networks (Mikrotik, Ubiquiti, LTE in general) where we would have the CPE/G2 in router mode to isolate the clients home network away from our own network. I know alternatively this can be done via firewall and vlans but that’s not necessarily all of what I’m getting at. I think with how much clients depend on WiFI and that they typically look to their ISP for WiFi help or equipment, a new “G6” PoE/Router with at least the 5GHz band and C6 PoE requirements added to the feature list, it would sell well just like the G2 did. The added simplicity of the G2 wall plug design helps with support and we need to buy a Poe anyways in most cases which is close to half the cost of the G2. Even if it was the same G2 but with the PoE spec redone to meet C6 PoE requirements, I would buy them all! It would allow us to avoid needing to alter/add router programming to our existing network.

I hope Mimosa has something in the works, it would be a great compliment to the A6/C6 line.

If any of the community members have a good alternative I would be interested in hearing suggestions!

Thanks everyone