Request: Y.1731 Performance Monitoring

ITU-T Y.1731 performance monitoring provides standards-based Ethernet performance monitoring that encompasses the measurement of Ethernet frame delay, frame delay variation, and frame loss and throughput as outlined in the ITU-T Y-1731 specification and interpreted by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF). Service providers offer service-level agreements (SLAs) that describe the level of performance customers can expect for services. This document describes the Ethernet performance management aspect of SLAs.

Mimosa is wireless manufacturer, not ethernet. That being said - look @ cisco solutions or other brands which sell ethernet high end routers.

I know. However, they are part of the end-to-end solution.

If you would actually read the article or had knowledge of what this is. It requires each device along the path to support at least the cfm, ccm, or oam feature. This is an industry standard and something that all true ethernet transport radios can perform. ex SIAE/Ceragon/Cambium/Alcatel/Dragonwave. I have attached some documents that talk about the features of each of these three radios.,d.amc,d.amc,d.amc

And what SLA do you have in shared spectrum with your customers? Is this a joke? Just curious how do you provide service with constant jitter and no frame loss with this kind of equipment. PS. you have already all tools for monitoring your entire network.

Some do, some don’t.

However, this provides for a more complete monitoring system.

I see no reason why you can’t provide an SLA in unlicensed spectrum. It’s all about engineering your solution. Also, having this under your wireless infrastructure is the best network monitoring system you could ask for.

I dont think so. Thank you.